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Star coupler - mcFO-ST with mcPS-1

mcFO with mcPS-1

Modular and flexible

Many users can be integrated by bundling several FO signals on one RS-485 bus. The system consists of an mcPS-1 power supply module and up to ten mcFO fibre optic modules with two fibre optic ports each.

The mcPS-1 power supply module has an integrated RS-485 connection for coupling the transmission protocol and supplies the connected fibre optic modules via bus connectors. It is possible to physically couple up to 30 further star coupler groups at the RS-485 interface.

Application areas

Typical application areas of the media converter include

  • Substations and large transformer stations
  • Switching stations
  • Gas transfer stations
  • Bridging explosive hazard zones in industrial plants
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Technical Data

Star coupler/media converter

Modular star coupler/media converter EIA/RS-485 on FO consisting of mcPS-1 power supply module and up to 10 FO modules with 2 FO ports each

mcPS-1 power supply module

Power supply module, 24-60 V DC ± 20 %, 20 VA; allows operation with up to 10 mcFO fibre optic modules


1 EIA/RS-485 interface, isolated by fibre optic connection, 1200 Baud to 64 kBaud, half duplex


Provision of all serial protocols, including:

  • IEC 870-5-101 (Telecontrol, bay station control)
  • IEC 62056-21 (Meter connection)
  • IEC 870-5-103 (Interconnection of protective equipment)
  • Modbus RTU master/slave, 3964R/RK512


  • FO module with ST connector (glass fibre)
  • Connection distance length 1400 m
  • Idle condition of FO (light on/off) can be defined channel by channel by means of DIP switches


  • FO module with FSMA connector (glass fibre)
  • Connection distance length 1400 m
  • Idle condition of FO (light on/off) can be defined channel by channel by means of DIP switches


Data sheet mcFO media converter
pdf-235.50 KB

Applications and functions of the media converter



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