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Autonomous data transmission

TETRA communication infrastructure is generally the property of the network user or of a private institution. It is therefore autonomous and is not affected by the typical fluctuations in availability of public networks such as GPRS.

Fields of use

TETRA applications are in no way restricted to those of public safety organisations or simple speech transmission. Thanks to their secure and reliable communication links, TETRA networks can be used in many different ways and offer an interesting alternative to public networks in particular in the field of telecontrol, substation automation and automation technology.

The TETRA-1 data radio module can be integrated into existing networks via a V.24 interface and allows operation both in SDS and in PDA mode.

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Technical Data


  • 1 EIA/RS-232/V.24 interface to ETSI EN 300 392-5 DEE
  • 1 TETRA antenna connection, SMA connector


  • AT command repertoire for activation/connection setup.
  • IEC 870-5-101 via SDS messages with address conversion at base station
  • IEC 870-5-104 via PDA with PPP protocol

TETRA core

  • TOM100, Motorola + embedded-controller
  • 380-430 MHz, 1 W transmission power, TDMA, single & multiple slot packed data
  • TEA2 encryption optional


Data sheet TETRA-1
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Digital radio - not only for public safety organisations



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