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PM-1 power measuring board for LV & MV grids


Measuring networks flexibly and efficiently

Module PM-1 allows cost-effective measurement of relevant network variables in low and medium voltage networks for monitoring the power supply and loads on the primary systems. It also allows for measurement of characteristic values for voltage quality in accordance with DIN EN 50160 and provides basic data as per ISO 50001.

The PM-1 is designed as an extension module which can be put into successful use after only a few configuration steps. All values are calculated directly in the module and do not load the core process. The network connection is by means of measurement transducers. Voltage measurement can be carried out directly in the LV network without needing expensive transformers.

As an extension module from the net-line FW-5, the PM-1 is inserted into the I/O area of the bay station controller which also supplies it. setIT specifies the measurement parameters and the selection of measured values (V5.001 and higher). The values are integrated directly in the process data from where they can be monitored, sent and recorded based on custom criteria.

Application areas

  • Local network stations
  • Decentralised generation plants
  • Systems with decentralised voltage distribution
  • Industrial systems

Technical Data

Easy integration

The PM-1 module is used as an extension to FW-5 and FW-5-GATE systems. It is inserted directly onto the TBUS of the station. Configuration is integrated fully in setIT. You can scale measurement variables here and perform a configuration phase by phase of the transformer ratios. Individual lower voltage limits can also be set. Overvoltage and overcurrent are set automatically.

The relevant measured values are freely selectable and are integrated directly in the process image of the station. Further evaluation can take place with the four-level limit monitoring of the measured values and the indication/logging functions of substation control.

Values for the PM-1 power measurement terminal

  • 4 currents I1/I2/I3/IN
  • 3 voltages U1/U2/U3
  • External conductor voltages U12/U23/U31
  • Active power Ptot/P1/P2/P3
  • Reactive power Qtot/Q1/Q2/Q3
  • Apparent power Stot/S1/S2/S3
  • Power factors PFmedium/PF1/PF2/PF3
  • Frequencies fmedium/f1/f2/f3
  • Harmonic distortion THDi1/THDi2/THDi3
  • Harmonic distortion THDv1/THDv2/THDv3
  • Energy Wtot/W1/W2/W3
  • Reactive energy Wbtot/Wb1/Wb2/Wb3
  • Counter value energy Wtot/W1/W2/W3
  • Counter value reactive energy Wbtot/Wb1/Wb2/Wb3
  • Temperature at the module
  • Load flow direction L1/L2/L3
  • Overcurrent/overvoltage message
  • Connection error revolving field message

Product variants of the PM-1

  • PM-1 l voltage measurement direct (400 V) or via transformer 100/110 V, current measurement via transformer 1/5 A, 4 current measurement inputs  I1/I2/I3/IN TRMS, sampling frequency 8 kHz, error ±0.2%, 0 ... 1 A /5 A, overload max. 60 A (1 s), resolution 1 mA, load impedance 10 mΩ
  • PM-1-R l variant with Rogowski coils as current transformer, 0 ... 400 mV (4 kA primary, 50 Hz), resolution 24 µV (240 mA), load impedance 490 kΩ
  • PM-1-S l  variant with low signal sensors for voltage and current, 0 ... 225 mV, resolution 24 µV, load impedance 490 kΩ




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