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Telecontrol station with integrated LTE modem

The net-line FW-5-GATE-4G is a telecontrol station, router, gateway and modem all in one. The high performance range of the FW-5-GATE has been further enhanced by an internal LTE mobile radio modem.

Rapid commissioning and simple diagnostics
Thanks to full configuration of all device components in the setIT configuration tool, there is no need to integrate or adapt an external modem, which can be time-consuming at times. VPN tunnels and end-to-end encryption should be established directly from the station, according to the BDEW Whitepaper. In addition, all available information from the mobile radio module can be used in the diagnostics functions of setIT.
Installation in the switchgear cabinet is also much easier: No additional power supply is needed for an external modem. Only mount the aerials, insert SIM card, load firmware – and you are done!

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