To implement these requirements, the following demands on the plant technology applied in the MAINFRANKEN NETZE GMBH network region:

  • Provision of a 4 – 20 mA analogue signal for transmitting the actual feed-in
  • Possibility of reducing the feed-in power in 4 stages (100%, 60%, 30%, and 0%)
  • 4 digital inputs for specifying the respective stage and
  • 4 digital outputs for acknowledging the set stage
  • Actuation of the technical installation via licence-free radio

A one-off software program was written for various renewable energy plant faults. The radio modem (Digicomm) was installed by the customer. The link to the Siemens Scala-250 control system is made using protocol IEC 60870-5-104.

SAE supplied 40 net-line FW-5-BT telecontrol stations with power supply units, miniature circuit breakers, lightning conductors etc. installed in a small housing and fully wired to a transfer terminal. MFN configures its own renewable energy boxes using our very convenient setIT configuration tool with diagnostic function. setIT appealed thanks to its clear Windows user interface with tree structure, intelligent menu technology and context-sensitive operation, so configuration could be easily learned even without training.



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From 2012 to the present


setIT, net-line FW-5


setIT, net-line FW-5