Efficient monitoring concept for district heating networks, AGFW membership, measurement of energy flows with the PM-2

Efficient monitoring concept for district heating networks

Solutions in mind – We are expanding our declared goal in the field of district heating, which is to provide integrated solutions for the tasks of our customers. Our extension modules ISO-1 and PIT-1 enable the digital monitoring of district heating pipes for leaks and insulation damage according to DIN EN 14419.

The classification of large district heating networks as “critical infrastructure” and the introduction of the industry-specific security level B3S from BSI show that the importance of IT security is also increasing rapidly in this field of application. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of power supply, our systems already offer this high degree of IT security and, of course, a control centre connection with standard telecontrol protocols, which is also increasingly in demand in district heating. The high measuring accuracy and an extremely competitive price round off the concept for the perfect overall solution for the new task area.

Our AGFW Membership

Since June 2019 we have been an official supporting member of AGFW, the largest German association for district heating. We are looking forward to a good cooperation!

Measuring energy flows flexibly and inexpensively with the PM-2

The new extension module PM-2 enables the cost-effective measurement of relevant network variables in LV and MV networks; for example in local network stations, decentralized generation plants or industrial plants.
Various measured values such as frequency, power and displacement angle are directly available for the evaluation of the utilization of the equipment, the evaluation of the quality and stability of the voltage as well as the identification of anomalies in the distribution network.
The parameters are specified and the measured values selected by setIT (from V 6,000). All values are directly integrated in the quantity structure and can be monitored, transmitted and recorded.

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