50823 Köln


Since 1980


FW-10, FW-40, FWR-4000, FW-5, FW-50, FW-5000


IEC 60870-5-104

RheinEnergie, Cologne and the Rhineland – belonging together for 140 years now. As a regional power generating company with head offi ces in Cologne, the company is responsible for supplying power and water to around 2.5 million people and businesses. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive service, and as a partner to industry, public utilities and other institutions, it is in the reckoning nationwide with contracting and service provision offerings. The business relationship with SAE has long-standing tradition.


SAE was contracted to supply FW-10 systems back in 1980. Then, the telecontrol stations were deployed in the gas supply sector. These telecontrol systems are still in use today and are continuing to reliably serve their purpose. This says something about quality and prolonged longevity. RheinEnergie is currently using SAE telemetry and substation automation equipment for electricity, gas and district heating. For supply to be guaranteed, about 20 telecontrol nodes (FW-4000 and FW-5000) and about 400 telecontrol stations are installed, distributed around the municipal region of Cologne. These nodes are used to connect all substations and send their data to the central control station. The majority of the stations use dedicated lines to send their data. The GPRS/UMTS network is used for some data transmission.


In their own power generation, RheinEnergie has for decades employed simultaneous
production of electricity and heat in one system – combined heat and power. The larger installations are in Niehl, Merkenich, Cologne Südstadt and Merheim. Electricity being generated in the Cologne cogeneration plants is currently being fed into the Cologne network. The start-up of the latest gas and steam turbine plant in 2016 will see feeding into the German network too. In terms of power supply, about 200 telecontrol stations in the System-4 (net-line FW-40) and series5/series5+ (net-line FW-50 and net-line FW-5) product families have been used so far in substations, local network and customer stations. Also, about 100 net-line FW-5 are installed at the transfer points to the renewable energy feed for feedin management.

Natural gas

RheinEnergie supplies natural gas to Cologne and Rösrath. Within the municipal area of Cologne, gas represents around 66.7% of the heating requirement for households, small businesses and public buildings. The natural gas for Rhineland grids comes almost exclusively from the Netherlands and Germany. The transit lines of upstream suppliers ultimately fl ow into household connections having a diameter of 5 centimetres and a pressure of 0.022 bar. In terms of gas supply, about 60 net-line FW-10, net-line FW-40 and net-line FW-50 telecontrol stations have been used to date to monitor and control natural gas transfer stations.

District heating

To also guarantee the supply of district heating, SAE net-line FW-10 and FW-40 telecontrol systems are being deployed in the cogeneration plants and power grid substations of RheinEnergie. Of particular interest was the provision of a district heating tunnel under the Rhine. A tunnel 461 metres in length is used to transport heat between the two sides of the Rhine. The tunnel starts on the same level as the exhibition grounds, near the Hohenzollernbrücke (bridge), and has a diameter of only three metres. SAE technology is used here to control the lighting and the fans for inlet/outlet air.

Over and above reliable and well-coordinated technology, the regional energy supplier also values the expertise of SAE IT-systems. And proximity of the company to the customer is certainly a benefit when competing for corresponding services.