Growing challenges

The energy market is changing. The previously unidirectional power flows from the high-voltage to the low-voltage network have changed with legally promoted and continuously growing distributed energy generation and feed-in. To ensure network stability, simple monitoring of the networks is often no longer sufficient. As it is hardly possible to expand the networks within reasonable cost and time frames, they must be adapted to the new challenges in a different way.

Intelligent supply networks as a way out

Modern telecontrol and substation automation technology allows intelligent supply networks to be set up. The combination of novel communication infrastructures with high safety standards means that effective and efficient network management can be realised. At the same time, expenses for commissioning and maintenance of a system should not be ignored, especially in times of growing cost pressure.

Makes efficient, tailor-made solutions possible: the series5

It is precisely here that the strength of the universal configuration tool setIT lies, which allows intuitive, convenient and therefore fast configuration and commissioning of the systems. The SAE hardware components of the series5 – the net-line FW-5, the net-line FW-50 and the net-line FW-5000 – are in the same way optimally adapted to the requirements of the new focus on feed-in management and local network automation. These products together form a tried-and-tested, reliable basis for building high-quality, economical solutions which, most importantly, meet requirements.


Decentralized Energy Resources

The climate targets of the German government require considerable adjustments, not least in existing infrastructure. Depending on the respective plant output, decentralized energy resources (DER) operators must create the technical prerequisites for monitoring and controlling their plants. SAE provides efficient, configurable telecontrol solutions for this purpose.

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Secondary Unit Substations

Distributed feed-in of renewable energy sources makes monitoring and automation of local network stations increasingly urgent. Firstly, to ensure stable networks with reliable voltage and frequency bands. Secondly, to avoid costly equipment overloading. SAE offers economical solutions which can be implemented within a short time.


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Control energy

Positive and negative control energy are used to secure the general power supply. This is procured by the large transmission system operators. In certain control areas, the operators of small regenerative plants are becoming increasingly important. Modern control technology enables them to be networked into virtual power plants with sufficiently high power potentials.


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Protection technology

Short cables, small impedances, high level of interlinking, multiple feeds – the protection of such structures while maintaining network stability is a challenge. The compact, modular combination protection device SG-50 offers a solution to this – with sophisticated protective functions and many different possibilities for use.