Function control is essential

Natural gas is currently one of the most important energy sources. Ensuring environmentally compatible and extensive supply is no easy task. Monitoring of the gas pressure regulator stations is essential for a reliable gas supply.

Fault-free functioning of the shut-off devices, filters, preheaters, safety equipment, regulators and odorising equipment must also be guaranteed around the clock.

Versatile solutions

Substations, block valve stations, reducing stations and gas pressure regulator stations are monitored with SAE telecontrol systems. Faults in the UPS installation, irregularities in the volume converter, tripping of a circuit breaker or a pressure measurement defect are transmitted to the control centre in real time.

The flow rates can be detected, transmitted and, if required, recorded and logged as standard and operating volumes. The metered values can be configured individually and processed multiple times. If main metering and control metering are available, a comparison of values is possible as well as automatic output of a message if there are deviations.

As natural gas cools during depressurisation in the gas pressure regulator station, it must be preheated to avoid damage to regulators and pipelines. This is generally done using classical gas boilers or cogeneration units.

To determine the thermal output required, the volumetric flow and the input and output pressures are taken into account as well as the gas temperature. The parameters can be read in and the required thermal output can be determined with the aid of the PLC function in SAE telecontrol installations. A separate PLC is not necessary.