Water quality requires control

Ensuring the quality and security of supply of our waters is generally a matter for the regional suppliers. These tasks can hardly be carried out safely and cost-effectively these days without automated monitoring with telecontrol technology.

The specific requirements of water and waste water applications can be realised reliably and efficiently on the basis of SAE telecontrol units.

Innovations based on experience

Decisive impulses in the development of our products come directly from day-to-day practice. We have been able to gain valuable knowledge again and again in numerous large-scale projects in the field of water and waste water applications. For example, how important seamless data recording and logging is for creating operations diaries. Or how essential autonomous data exchange between a water tower and the associated pump station can be. Not least for this reason, our telecontrol units allow direct data cross-connection between individual telecontrol stations without unnecessary diversions via the control system.

Uncomplicated PLC connection

SAE systems can implement control and regulation tasks independently. However, any PLCs present can also be coupled without problems thanks to various interfaces such as Modbus, Profibus or MPI. When ensuring security of supply, not only secure communication with the standardised telecontrol protocols of the IEC 60870-5 series of standards, but also easy integration of local PLC programs according to IEC 61131-3 using codeIT help to provide this.

SAE advises, plans and implements

As wells, waterworks, water towers and pressure booster systems are often distributed over wide catchment areas, the continuous operating costs of the systems play an essential role in addition to the procurement costs. Therefore the choice of the right communication paths is of particular importance. We would be glad to assist you in the planning and design of a suitable data transmission system. We will take into account the geographical situation of the stations as well as the existing dedicated infrastructure, future security and cost-effectiveness of the communication paths. From permanent connections via dial-up and radio links to TCP/IP-based communication paths, SAE products offer a wide range of possible implementations, also available in redundant configurations if required.