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visIT a fully integrated but secure HMI in new html5 technology; NO java scripts


All in full view!

Efficient plant visualisation makes the work of service staff considerably easier. Allows for quick troubleshooting and saves time and money. The display can be installed on-site from mobile devices or remotely over network connections as with the Web server; all meeting stringent IT-security standards as you would expect.

By importing all process variables from the parametrisation tool setIT, the Designer can be used to conveniently integrate all relevant elements and can quickly be compiled into a tailor-made visualisation; the provided symbol library can be accessed but also drawn and dynamised fully autonomously.

Quick image creation using the provided symbol library; individual visualisation through free graphics design and objects dynamisation. Process images can also be made available as a service, and so there is no licence fee for the designer.

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Johann Kloucek
Johann Kloucek

Head of International Business Development
Tel.: +49 221 / 59 808- 158

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Monitoring & intervention

visIT runs in the station in runtime mode and has direct access to current process data and logged values of the station. In this way, all relevant information can be shown for operation and service:

  • Online values
  • Operations diary
  • Alarm list
  • Curve diagrams (from setIT Version 5.5.)

As well as the pure monitoring of system components and communication paths, active interventions such as switching operations and target requirements are also possible with visIT.
A pre-condition is the declaration of user manageent in setIT including the passowerd protected login. This way, any unwanted access from third party will be prevented.

Technical Data


  • free design of user interface
  • High degree of IT-security

    • via usage of Javascript but no Java
    • and integration of user management  with role based access control from setIT


  • Telecontrol unit RTU from series5+ or series5e

    • net-line FW-5, FW-5-GATE,FW-5-GATE-4G, FW-50, BCU-50

  • PC (as a server for local station control)


  • almost any device wirh HTML5-capable browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • recommendation for on sitevisualisation

    • T10 Touchdisplay 10,4“ e.g for transformer stations
    • T7 Touchdisplay 7“ e.g for secondary unit sbstations SUS or ring main units RMU

  • other availabilities with bowser:

    • PC (on a dedicated server for demands from decentralised local controls)
    • Laptop/Notebook
    • Tablet
    • Smartphone


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