Objectives, incentives, regulations

By 2050, 80% of the energy needed in Germany should come from renewable energy sources. It is clear that this can only be achieved with a considerable change in existing infrastructures.

To achieve the desired continuous increases in generation and feed-in from distributed energy sources such as PV, wind, CHP and biogas, legally regulated incentive systems were created. At the same time, the system operators were given a guideline which allows them to regulate feed-in from renewable energy plants if required. In connection with this, requirements for monitoring and controllability of renewable energy plants – depending on the plant power capacity – were formulated.

New framework condition of VDE-AR-N 4110

Since 17 May 2016, the EU-wide grid connection regulations for electricity generators (NC RfG – Connection Network Codes -Requirements for Generators) apply. The aim of this standard is to create Europe-wide harmonised regulations for the grid connection of power plants.  For national implementation, VDE | FNN has created four new technical connection rules (TCR) which came into use on 17.05.2018.

The TCR are the basis for the technical connection conditions (TCC) of the grid operators. The TCC of the distribution system operators (DSO) apply together with Section 19 EnWG „Technical Regulations“ and are an integral part of grid connection contracts and connection usage relationships.

As a manufacturer of telecontrol technology, we are familiar with the technical concepts of the distribution system operators and will be pleased to provide you with an individual, tailor-made solution for connecting the station to the gateway of the DSO.