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SG-50 combination protection device


Compact and versatile

The SG-50 KOMBISAVE protection device is a compact, high-precision all-rounder. It can be adapted to virtually any protection requirement by selecting the corresponding software options. An integrated, high-resolution LED colour display makes it possible to find out the current system status at a glance directly on site.

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High flexibility

Whether distance protection, QV protection or other protective functions, the SG-50 combination protection device can be set up for new protection tasks even when already installed. There is also the possibility of adapting system visualisation individually to customer requirements and thus providing optimal representation of the system.

Configuration and commissioning

The SG-50 can be configured in different ways: on a clear colour display on site or conveniently from the office, at a PC. In both cases the SG-50 impresses thanks to its clear, self-explanatory software. For example, parameters that are not required are greyed out. Configurations can be loaded into the combination protection device via USB stick by means of the USB port.

Fields of use

The numerical protection and control device has been developed for use in industrial medium-voltage networks and for decoupling protection at distributed generation plants. Typical application areas are definite time overcurrent/inverse time overcurrent protection (simple and directional); cable protection with optional ARC is integrated as well as transformer protection with two-body temperature indicator. The SG-50 not only has machinery and rotor locking protection, but also distributed generation plants are monitored (QV protection). Busbar protection can be produced with the aid of H2 logic. The earth fault protection system is equipped with intermittent EF detection. The SG-50 can also be equipped with 7-polygon distance protection. All zones can be configured freely and individually in the forward or reverse direction. Plus a differential protection device for transformers is available with 8 CT inputs and a brand new but high reliable algorithm.

Protocols and communication paths

The protocol IEC 60870-5-103 is currently available as the communication path. The additional option of communication via protocol IEC 61850 is in development.

Implementation according to IEC 60870-5-104 is easily ensured by the series5 telecontrol systems. It is therefore possible to use the SG-50 in distributed generation plants such as wind power plants as well.

Technische Daten

Device versions

  • The SG-50 has several equipment variants and two supply voltage ranges:
  • I4U0: 4 current transformers, no voltage transformers
  • I4U1: 4 current transformers, 1 voltage transformer
  • I4U4: 4 current transformers, 4 voltage transformers
  • I4U4X: 4 current transformers, 4 voltage transformers LV direct connection
  • BI14BO14: 14 binary inputs, 14 relais
  • BI26BO14: 26 binary inputs, 14 relais
  • Variant X1: 20 to 28 V DC
  • Variant X2: 44 to 250 V DC/AC

All variants have

  • integrated control panel with 1 RGB-QVGA-TFT display
  • 11 freely programmable LED displays for status and warning indications in green, yellow, red
  • 4 ergonomically arranged navigation keys
  • 2 independent function keys for controlling the plant components coupled to the protective equipment
  • 14 binary inputs
  • 14 binary outputs
  • 1 USB front interface for reading in configuration changes or reading out fault data
  • 1 RS-485 interface for communication via IEC -103
  • Mounting bracket for easy mounting and wiring

Provided protocols

  • IEC 60870-5-103
  • IEC 60870-5-104 (currently only possible in combination with series5 units)
  • IEC 61850 (available 2016)

Possible communication paths

  • RS-485, optionally FO

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