Switch commands safely

The DSO-2 module (DSO = Distributed System Operator) enables reliable switching of commands in power networks with 1 from N monitoring, measuring circuit testing and cascading to command groups. The command relays are 2-pole and actuated via release relays.

Actuation is typically with double commands:

  • 1 of n monitoring of commands (multi-stage)
  • Command and release relays
  • measuring circuit testing for monitoring the external contact multiplying relay coil resistance
  • Individually adjustable external circuit resistors for every intermediate relay
  • 2-pole variant of the command card
  • individually adjustable suppression of imperfection time
  • Individually adjustable post command lag time
  • Cascading of multiple cards into command groups

Technical Data


  • 4 command relays for 1 double command, 2-pole, to 72 V DC
  • 2 return information inputs, 24 – 60 V DC ±20%

Power supply

  • Internal over T-BUS, approx. 250 mA per module, up to 4 modules
  • approx. 70 mA @ 24V DC supply
  •  external process voltage required on X.9/10


  • Plastic with integrated I/O, top-hat rail installation
  • 22.5 x 105 x 115 mm (W x H x D)