Base solution for the smallest applications

The advances of the energy revolution are meaning the number of systems and devices to monitor is increasing. Stations become smaller and need to be equipped with telecontrol technology. It is at this point that needs such as functionality and practicability have to be reconciled with the constantly growing challenges in regard to IT security as well as economic and physical restrictions. The m5 with all the necessary basic telecontrol functions offers solutions for numerous application areas, and its particularly compact size and low price are impressive features.

Application areas of the m5

  • Feed-in management for small feeders
    (e.g. future-oriented substitute for radio ripple control)
  • Direct marketing and interconnection of virtual power plants
  • Monitoring and control unit for infrastructure applications,
  • pipe-bound media and the provision of contracting services
  • Charging management for battery storage and e-mobility

Depending on the application, additional components such as external relays may be required.

The m5 as a connection-ready complete solution

If required, the m5 can also be purchased as a ready-to-use complete solution. In this case we will assemble individually designed, ready-to-work small systems depending on specifications and function requirements – so we can ensure customised solutions for your requirements. In addition to the telecontrol unit, these systems generally also include all the other necessary components, for instance an uninterruptible power supply, relays, transfer terminals and many more. The components are usually installed in Eaton, Rittal or Hensel housings.

You can find more information on the technical specifications of the m5 in the data sheet of the model.

Technical Data

The m5 takes IT security seriously

Like the series5e telecontrol technology devices, the m5 stands for high IT security. It enables extensive IT security measures, as required in the current requirement profiles of the BDEW whitepaper and BSI recommendations. From the modern Linux kernel to extended firewall rules with granular activation through to user administration with free role assignment (RBAC): The m5 allows an outstandingly high level of IT security.