Communicate cheaply but securely

The PDPS-1 module allows for the cost-efficient integration of data points from PLC, regulators and intelligent components into the station and telecontrol technology via the Profibus DP protocol. The PDPS-1 is designed as a Profibus DP slave that only requires few configuration steps in order to operate successfully. As a bus participant, it can be placed in the Profibus phase or used as a termination device. The terminal resistor is comfortably activated via a switch on the front panel.

As an extension board from the net-line FW-5 product series, the PDPS-1 is inserted into the I/O area of the bay station controller, which also supplies it. The process data are directly incorporated into the quantity structure; no additional wiring is required. The communication parameters and the capacity to be transferred is specified via the programming software setIT (V5.001 and higher).

Application areas

  • Couplings to PLC
  • Connection to cogeneration and biogas plants
  • Integration of quantity control systems or external controllers / switching stations
  • Controllable local system in direct marketing & control energy

Technical Data

Easy integration

The configuration of the Profibus slave is carried out entirely via setIT (V.5.001 and higher). In addition to the slave address, the areas of communication, processing cycles and the assignment of the I/O in the quantity structure of the bay station controller can be defined. The master is preset by a separate GSD file and configured with the module table generated in setIT.