Telesupervision of shafts, pipes and structures

Since low-point, moisture and temperature sensors can be connected, the PIT-1 (PIT = Pipeline Indication & Temperature) enables, in combination with the established telecontrol unit net-line FW-5, to monitor water ingress and temperature changes.

Float switches can also be read reliably. The two measured values are realised as PT-100 sensors in a 2-wire connector, and so permit measurement of the shaft temperature, feed/return and other temperatures in range 0° to +150°C. The PIT-1 is available for series5e systems from setIT V6.000.





Technical Data


  • 4 signals active inputs for moisture / low point sensors
  • 2 measured values PT-100 temperature sensor (0°…150°C)
  • 4 relay outputs

Power supply

  • Internal over T-BUS, max. 285 mA per module, up to 3 modules
  • approx. 75 mA @ 24 V DC supply


  • Plastic with integrated I/O, top-hat rail installation
  • 22.5 x 105 x 115 mm (W x H x D)