Measuring networks flexibly and efficiently

Module PM-1 allows cost-effective measurement of relevant network values in low and medium voltage networks for monitoring the power supply and loads on the primary systems. It also allows for measurement of characteristic values for voltage quality in accordance with DIN EN 50160 and provides basic data according to ISO 50001.

Networks are connected via measurement transducers; in the LV network, the voltage can be measured directly without needing expensive transformers. The values are integrated directly in the process data from FW-5/FW-5-GATE where they can be monitored, sent and recorded based on custom criteria.



Technical Data

Values for the PM-1 power measurement terminal

  • 4 currents I1/I2/I3/IN
  • 3 voltages U1/U2/U3
  • External conductor voltages U12/U23/U31
  • Active power Ptot/P1/P2/P3
  • Reactive power Qtot/Q1/Q2/Q3
  • Apparent power Stot/S1/S2/S3
  • Power factors PFmedium/PF1/PF2/PF3
  • Frequencies fmedium/f1/f2/f3
  • Harmonic distortion THDi1/THDi2/THDi3
  • Harmonic distortion THDv1/THDv2/THDv3
  • Energy Wtot/W1/W2/W3
  • Reactive energy Wbtot/Wb1/Wb2/Wb3
  • Counter value energy Wtot/W1/W2/W3
  • Counter value reactive energy Wbtot/Wb1/Wb2/Wb3
  • Temperature at the module
  • Load flow direction L1/L2/L3
  • Overcurrent/overvoltage message
  • Connection error revolving field message

Power supply

  • From TBUS, 150 mA / module, approx. 40 mA @ 24 V DC
  • From 9th module, add additional supply module with PWR-1 or TBUS-R


  • FW-5 micro housing, polyamide V0, IP 20