The user-friendly configuration software setIT

The tried-and-tested, innovative configuration software setIT is exceptionally user-friendly and makes fast, smooth commissioning possible. Even complex functions are conveniently integrated and can be set up with a few clicks of a mouse. In close collaboration with our customers and based on continuous improvement measures, we have developed a clear and sophisticated tool with extensive functional scope. setIT from SAE IT-systems is a tremendous solution if you are looking for a multifunctional configuration and diagnostic tool.

Familiar user interface

The user interface of the Windows-based configuration tool setIT uses the widely known tree structure. It offers simple mouse operation using menus, context menus, hot keys and other practical operation methods from the Office world, such as Copy and Paste or Do and Undo. This results in exceptionally short realisation times. Virtual maps of the stations make their configuration easier. Extensive syntax checks such as dynamic menus and context-sensitive masks prevent errors during input. Plus setIT provides extensive entry aids, configuration assistance and copying functions

Following international standard protocols such as IEC 60870-5 and IEC 61850, communication occurs between control centres, telecontrol units and external components. In this way the perfect solutions for station control systems, telecontrol technology or plant automation can be realised very easily. setIT supports the performance characteristics of our established net-line series from System4 as well as our new series5, series5+ and series5e product generations.

setIT also awaits you with high investment certainty: Thanks to the significant time saving during engineering, the innovative software from SAE IT-systems offers rapid return on investment. In addition to this, the service life of the bay station controllers, free updates within the master version as well as application-oriented licence modules contribute towards the investment certainty enabled by setIT.

You can find further information on the functions and advantages of setIT in the brochure on our Software.

Technical Data

All aspects of security take top priority with setIT

setIT enables extensive IT security measures, as required in the current requirement profiles of the BDEW whitepaper and BSI recommendations. From the modern Linux kernel to switchable services and accesses, port filters, extended firewall rules with granular activation through to user administration with free role assignment (RBAC). And setIT offers several redundancy functions too: The software typically supports redundant control centres, comes with station and process data redundancy and enables substitute path switching as well as path redundancy.