Renewable connection – uncomplicated and efficient

The VPP-1 extension board enables speedy integration of a mixed capacity, such as for virtual power plants, energy feeders, direct marketing and other applications.

Feed management of renewal energy installations with 100/60/30/0% adjusting commands including separation with control of the actual fed-in with meters or measurands may be integrated in an intelligent manner without any PLC application.

The VPP-1 is available in series5e systems from setIT V5.004.07 upwards.




Technical Data


  • 6 information inputs, 24 to 60 V DC
  • 5 relay ouputs
  • 2 measurands
  • 2 setpoints

Power supply

  • Internal over T-BUS, max. 320 mA per module, up to 3 modules
  • approx. 80 mA @ 24 V DC supply


  • Plastic with integrated I/O, top-hat rail installation
  • 22.5 x 105 x 115 mm (W x H x D)