73522 Schwäbisch Gmünd


From 2007 to the present


net-line FW-40, ProCoS für EMS


IEC 60870-5-104

ZF Lenksysteme GmbH, a joint enterprise of Robert Bosch GmbH and ZF Friedrichshafen AG, sets both pace and direction in the field of steering systems for passenger and commercial vehicles. The head office and main development and production site of ZF Lenksysteme GmbH is Schwäbisch Gmünd. Over 5,000 people work in the three plants at Schiesstal (Plant 2), Lorcher Strasse (Plant 4) and Gügling (Plant 7).


In 2007 the company began to introduce an energy data acquisition and management system. This was intended to carry out the automatic acquisition and evaluation of approx. 820 measurement points for the media electricity, water, heat, compressed air, natural gas and heating oil. The objective of the project and required functions were:

  • Cross-media energy data acquisition of all consumption
  • Communication via existing Ethernet lines
  • Easy and clear programming interface
  • Flexible display of current consumption and process characteristic data
  • Cost-centre-related evaluation possibilities
  • Possibilities of exporting historic consumption in different formats (EXCEL, ASCII etc.)
  • Interfaces to further applications, e.g. to an existing Access database
  • Monitoring of minimum and maximum values. Alerts when limits are exceeded or not met

If the energy data acquisition and management system for cause-appropriate acquisition, evaluation and distribution of the incurred energy costs with the aim of transparency and reduction in consumption still serve.
During the tendering process our system, which is already in use in many comparable projects, was chosen to implement these tasks. Both the modular functionality of the remote terminal units and the outstanding SCADA functions of the control system convinced ZF Lenksysteme. A contributing factor was that the project could be further expanded at any time and configured by the customer. The necessary knowledge was imparted to the customer in the course of individualised and project-related training.