2015 until 2016


FW-5, FW-5000


IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 62056-21

BTC Business Technology Consulting Sp. z o.o. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of BTC AG Germany. In Poland, BTC offers both SCADA solutions for public utilities and automation systems for Smart Grid and renewable energies. Thanks to the many years’ experience in the IT and energy market, BTC Poland – together with SAE IT-systems – was able to present a convincing case to its customers when it comes to the full monitoring and control of its wind farms.


The highly-developed BTC PRINS® SCADA system with fully-redundant backup is now also providing special functions for wind turbines. In the project, SAE IT systems with DNP3-Online came into use. The Jozwin (Poland) wind farm comprises eleven 2.85-MW wind turbines which are connected to the 110-kV network using 110/15-kV transformer substations. The brand-new transformer substation connects two 110-kV lines via one linking field and the farm using a 110/15-kV transformer. There are nine 15kV fields on the medium voltage area. Additional wind turbines are being added to the wind farm this year which is why the station will be the recipient of 6 additional MV fields.

To meet the network connection conditions, the station was equipped with telecontrol which is designed to send the online values to the distribution and Transmission System Operator. A system based on the SAW net-line FW-5000 was chosen to do so. Based on the requirements, the FW-5000 offers five RS232 interface cards with DNP3 communication. Three of them exchange the information and commands with the Distribution System Operator (two redundant DNP3 channels to the region-al SCADA system, one third to the main control centre). The remaining two DNP3 channels secure a redundant connection with the dispatching centre of the Transmission System Opera-tor. In addition, there are two IEC 60870-5-104 channels to the BTC PRINS® SCADA system of the park operator and a further one for local HMI applications (also based on BTC PRINS®).

The FW-5000 integrates a large number of different compo-nents in the field direction. The 13 high-voltage protection de-vices are connected with the aid of the mcFO-ST star coupler as per optical multimode based on the IEC 60870-5-103 protocol; nine medium-voltage protection devices per RS485 bus (IEC-103 here too). Further auxiliary power supplies, switch automatic devices and additional devices (e.g. pressure sensors) are connected via the standard Modbus-RTU or Modbus-TCP however.

The customer wants to read out some intelligent electricity meters directly. 28 ZMD/ZMQ meters from Landis+Gyr were integrated successfully thanks to the support of IEC 62056-21 protocol based on the RS485 interface of the net-line telecontrol unit. An additional FW-5 collects some general I/O from the controlled station.

Communication with the wind farm control was given particular importance. The telecontrol station uses the modbus TCP inter-face with an optical Ethernet connection in single mode. This is a very important data source for the overall system. For this reason, the connection and all switches in the path are monitored continuously by the telecontrol system using SNMP diagnostics. This was made possible by releasing the SNMP service in the FW-5000.

After completing start-up work, the wind farm and all substations enter productive operation. The wind park is controlled by the BTC PRINS® SCADA system of the operator whereby all daily actions such as P/Q/U/output factor presetting remain the responsibility of the Distribution System Operator. For this reason, the substation is provided with all set points and commands for the 110-kV side per DNP3 channel. Thanks to the support of the DNP3 Unsolicited mode in the telecontrol unit, Distribution- and Transmission System Operators are given quick and reliable feedback from the field.

“The FW-5000 is presented as a powerful, efficient platform for processing various SCADA protocols (DNP3/IEC101/IEC104). It can also be integrated into heterogeneous infrastructures thanks to its high compatibility and communicability.“
Marcin Wycinka, BTC Business Technology Consulting Sp. z o.o