2011 until today


FW-5, FW-50


IEC 60870-5-104

ZVO Energie GmbH is a subsidiary of the Ostholstein municipal union and a part of the ZVO Group. The primary areas of business of ZVO Energie GmbH are gas and water supply to the County of Ostholstein. The ZVO Group is headquarted in Neustadt in Holstein. The supply area comprises 1,392.65 km². In the supply area there are 29,763 domestic water and 24,038 domestic gas connections.


Next to the inhabitants of Ostholstein, ZVO Energie GmbH also supplies a large number of tourists who come to Ostholstein and especially the Baltic Sea on holiday each year.

ZVO Energie GmbH operates 20 master stations and 121 telecontrol substations, including six waterworks, six storage tanks, one gas transfer station and a wide range of measuring and control stations. For ZVO drainage, ZVO Energie GmbH operates 188 remote terminal units in their sewage treatment and pumping stations in the service relationship. SAE telecontrol systems are responsible for monitoring- and remote control tasks in a total of 309 stations.

The vast majority of them are wired. ZVO Energie GmbH operates its own cable network with a length of approx. 900 km and 740 terminal boards. Communication is done via FSK channels. SHDSL routes are also being planned or in the testing phase. All other communication paths are switched telephone lines, directional radio communication and GRPS solutions. In larger plants with PLCs, these are coupled with the substation via IEC 60870-5-104 or Profibus-DP. All process data from the remote substations are sent to the central control centre at Neustadt i. Holstein. A total of around 20,000 process data items are sent and processed by the control system.

ZVO Energie uses Siemens S7-300 and its successor the S7-1500 as the PLC. SAE telecontrol substations have been in use at ZVO Energie since 2011. Every year, old telecontrol stations are being replaced with the new net-line FW-5 and FW-50s. Currently, SAIA Burgess PCD 4 are being used as master stations. These are equipped by Proton as a master station and have their FSK- and RS232-COMIOs developed in-house. SAE master stations are also used; e.g. in the last project which was implemented in 2015 with the aid of SAE.

To replace an old GSM master station, an FW-50 was coupled to the control system via GRPS with the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol, taking into account all the necessary security aspects of course, e.g.:

  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • secure protocols HTTPS, FTPS
  • IPsec-secured connection between substation and master

“In SAE IT-systems, we have managed to find a competent and reliable partner with whom we can also address new projects in the future.”

Oliver Kirpal, ZVO Energie GmbH