52249 Eschweiler


Since November 2014


FW-5, M2G-1, ComPass B


IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus RTU

In November 2014, SAE IT-systems was awarded the contract to supply telecontrol equipment for 300 local grid stations in the supply area of EWV/Regionetz. The aim of the project was comprehensive monitoring for greater grid transparency. In addition, key stations are also to be controllable in future.


The stations concerned are both compact and walk-in stations with 1-7 panels each. In both cases, the net-line FW-5 is used as the telecontrol technology basis. For recording the current, voltage and quality data, and detecting shorts and earth faults in cases of doubt, Horstmann ComPass B short and earth fault indicators are linked to the FW-5 via Modbus. Most of the local grid stations (about 200) are to be linked to the higher-level Kisters Controlstar process control system via GPRS, though some will also be connected via LAN (about 100 stations). The IEC 60870-5-104 standard protocol will be used for that purpose. For data transmission via GPRS, the SAE M2G-1 modem will be used. Communication with the control system will be via encrypted VPN from the telecontrol system. For the connection via its own cable system, the company will use Westermo SHDSL modems.

Four different cabinet types have been designed in close co-operation with EWV/Regionetz. The telecontrol systems will be supplied in wall cabinets and are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies and switchgear cabinet heaters. When selecting the cabinets, sufficient space for subsequent modifications was allowed for. If a station is to be enabled for remote controllability the battery has to be replaced by a larger one and additional command cards with external circuit testing and 1 of n monitoring have to be installed. The decision to award the contract to SAE was taken on the basis of the thoroughly positive experiences from previous projects and the comprehensive single-source service package offered by SAE. SAE IT-systems is responsible not only for all the engineering work but also carries out the configuration work using setIT and the installation and commissioning of the stations on site. Around 10 stations a week have been installed as planned so that the project is expected to be completed on time by December 2015. So far SAE is “bang on schedule” and Mr Färber of EWV/Regionetz is very pleased with the highly skilled SAE engineers and the outstanding co-operation.