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From 2001 to the present


net-line FW-40, net-line FW-5, net-line FW-50, net-line FW-5000


IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus-TCP, Profibus-DP

In 2001, Kiel public utilities searched for new telecontrol technology to replace technology with proprietary protocols. After extensive research on the market, the decision was made to use SAE IT Systems technology. Important criteria in the decision were the compact designs and in particular the setIT configuration software.


In the meantime, in the electricity area, all 18 substations and 4 switching stations have been equipped with net-line FW-40 and net-line FW-50 stations. The range extends from simple systems with information transmission and command control, through secured output via DSO-2 cards, to complex solutions with up to 7 cascaded net-line FW-50 stations and FW-5000 telecontrol interfaces for connecting protective equipment using protocol IEC 60870-5-103.
In large 110 kV substations, ProCoS substation automation technology is used as an “on-site control system” in addition to the coupling of protective equipment.

The connection to the IDS High-Leit X control centre in Kiel Hassee is made by means of both VFT modem lines and V.24 interfaces, which use glass fibre lines via star couplers/media converters. In this case the protocol is IEC 60870-5-101 with 1.2 kbaud or 38.4 kbaud.

The renewable energy plants with an electric feed-in power of 250 kW or greater are power-controlled in accordance with the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) § 6. These are cogeneration plants, hydroelectric plants, wind power plants and solar plants. Currently 7 plants are equipped with net-line FW-5 stations, which realise the power stages 100/60/30/0% by means of persistent commands from the control centre. The feed-in power is detected as a measured value and transmitted online to the control centre.
This connection is made via GPRS links with a VPN tunnel using protocol IEC 60870-5-104.

In the gas area, information, measured values and metered values are transmitted from 4 heating plants using net-line FW-5 stations with VFT modem lines. In the EGÜ Gaarden central natural gas transfer station, operating data of the feed-in control system are also transmitted to a net-line FW-50 station using Profibus DP and Modbus TCP protocols.
This connection is also made by means of VFT technology using protocol IEC 60870-5-101.

In the water area, tank installations and pressure booster systems are equipped with 3 net-line FW-5 stations. In these stations a Modbus TCP link is realised in addition to the discrete process data link.