74564 Crailsheim


From 2004 to the present


Process control system ProCoS, FW-40, FWZ-400, FW-5, FW-50, auco-log


IEC 60870-5-104, 3964R, RK512, MPI, Profibus-DP

The Crailsheim public utilities operate as energy and water suppliers and are 100% subsidiaries of the Crailsheim administrative district. The focus lies in the implementation of energy efficiency, energy savings and the use of renewable energies. These efforts mean the public utilities are contributing towards the reduction of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas (CO2) and are protecting our environment.


The Crailsheim public utilities are developing and realising pioneering projects with pilot character. The cooperation partners of the Crailsheim public utilities: ecoSWITCH AG, Fränkische Wasser Service GmbH (FWS), Stadtwerke Neuffen AG and the Jagstgruppe Water Supply Association.

2004 saw the Crailsheim public utilities start to replace 15 old ABB I23 stations, installed in 20 kV transformer stations, with our telecontrol. The reasons behind the decision were problems with spare parts as well as rising maintenance and running costs. SAE systems were also deployed at partner companies during the course of the year:

Fränkische Wasser Service GmbH

Monitoring and control of water towers and pumping stations.
11 profi-line FW-40 stations, 4 of which with a S7-MPI link, 2 battery-operated auco-log data loggers and a FWZ-400 control centre were deployed. Data is transmitted with dial-in and GSM technology and connected to the existing ProCoS control system at the Crailsheim public utilities.

Stadtwerke Neuffen AG

Set up of a new control system with telecontrol for the monitoring and control of transformer stations, natural gas transfer station, water towers and district heat stations. The ProCoS control system, 3 FW-5 stations and 3 FW-50 stations with switchgear cabinet were used here. Transmission via DSL modem.

Jagstgruppe Water Supply Association

Renewal and expansion of a telecontrol system with control system for monitoring
and control of water towers and pumping stations.
The ProCoS control system and 8 net-line FW-40 stations were partially supplied with S7-MPI links. The SHDSL modem from ASMi and the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol were used as the transmission technology over copper cabling.

In their catchment areas, the Crailsheim public utilities now operate over 120 SAE remote terminal units, used for the monitoring and control of electricity, water and district heating installations.
Our systems record readings and position indicators from earth connection location equipment in 20 kV and 110 kV switching stations and measure the input and output pressures of the gas regulating system, such as in Dinkelsbühl (that is also optimised and monitored). For CHPs, it is possible to actively intervene in the regulation process in individual heating plants. The gradual transition has been made from the IEC 60870-5-101 to the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol for all areas. Ring-capable SHDSL modems from Barox were used.
PV systems with an installed capacity greater than 500 kW are also to be fitted with the FW-5 system in the future. This guarantees the necessary regulation to §6 EEG 2012.
The personnel at the Crailsheim public utilities have configured our telecontrol systems from the start by themselves. They have never attended training. But they still managed to realise their requirements in an exemplary manner. This illustrates how easy and self-explanatory the setIT configuration tool is.
The Crailsheim public utilities have shown loyalty towards us for almost 10 years. They represent another satisfied customer who values one-to-one, professional consultation services and also our reliable technology.