Cologne/Bonn Airport


Since June 2013




IEC 60870-5-103

In June 2013, Innecken Elektroanlagen GmbH was contracted by the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW in Cologne to install three new transformer substations in the Flugbereitschaft squadron area of the military part of Cologne/Bonn Airport.


Innecken built the substations using SF6-insulated, metal-encapsulated and modular GAE630 switching stations made by Ormazabal Anlagentechnik GmbH of Krefeld. They were then fitted with the SG-50 Kombisave protective device made by SAE IT-systems.

The Series GAE630 switching stations are ideally suited to use in transformer and switching stations and as consumer units on sites with MV network infrastructure. The SG-50 Kombisave combination protection device takes care of the IOC, transformer, directional earth fault and directional IOC detection. The reason for choosing the SG-50 is its flexibility. It can be adapted to virtually any protection requirement by selecting the corresponding software options. Whether distance protection, QV protection or other protective functions, the SG-50 combination protection device can be set up for new protection tasks even when already installed.

In April 2014, the state property management agency also contracted Innecken to install a new 10 kV energy supply at the Wahn barracks. The work comprised a new transfer station connecting to the grid operator, RheinEnergie AG, a new transfer station connecting to the barracks for five medium voltage rings and another eleven transformer substations. The conversion work is to be carried out station by station while the system is in operation. As well as the medium voltage grid already mentioned with all its buildings and distribution points, the contract also covers the complete low voltage system and the entire lighting system (1,000 lamps with 45 km of roads).

On average, Innecken has ten staff working on the project at any one time. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2017.