Since 2017


FW-5-GATE, 8DI, 8DI2AI, DSO-1, visIT


Cooperation with Ormazabal

For customized solutions, SAE IT-systems regularly works with various service providers and suppliers in the utilities industry – e.g. a project for the distribution network operator NHF Netzgesellschaft Heilbronn-Franken mbH (NHF) resulted in close cooperation with the switching station manufacturer Ormazabal.


The NHF contacted SAE IT-systems in 2017 with a request for project design. A concept for intelligent secondary unit substations was planned, which should take into account both the high technical demands and the personnel capacities of the distribution system operator.

SAE IT-systems and Ormazabal jointly developed a solution that allows Plug-and-Play
connection of the switching station with the telecontrol system using Harting plugs to connect the RTU cabinet with the station. This allows a significant reduction in the work and time required for the installation and commissioning of new stations as well as for the possible replacement of a RTU. The Harting connections transmit all signals from the switching station and the information from the short-circuit indicators (IKI-50 from Kries) via telecontrol to the control center. Various transmission paths, such as LTE and copper cable, are used. The RTU of SAE reads the information of the short-circuit indicators via Modbus.

The voltage and power supply for the switching station is also regulated by the Harting connections: The short circuit indicators are supplied with 24 V DC via the power supply unit located in the RTU cabinet. A battery is provided to supply the switching motor and is located in the RTU cabinet, together with the power supply unit. This makes the Plug-and-Play
solution complete; the distribution network operator no longer needs to carry out any wiring, only the connecting cable between the RTU cabinet and the switching station needs to be plugged in. An exception is the 400 V supply line and the Modbus line, which are designed for individual wiring on customer request.  With this concept, the Heilbronn-Franken grid company can save costs and minimize risks for personnel.

Total overview

In the RTU cabinet manufactured and wired by SAE, the necessary quantity structure is dimensioned according to the data point list: The compact RTU FW-5-GATE with the I/O extension cards 8DI, 8DI2AI and DSO-1 is used for the safe implementation of the control commands.

With the help of the platform-independent visualization software visIT, network status can be displayed quickly, easily and according to individual requirements. The visualization can be displayed on site using a laptop or an external display or can be retrieved remotely using a web browser. Depending on the configuration, visIT can also be used for controlling interventions in the network.

The concept has already been implemented in three secondary unit substations and exhibited in a station with transparent walls at the Federal Garden Show 2019.