63179 Obertshausen


From 2007 to the present


net-line FW-40, net-line FWR-400, net-line FW-5


IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, Profibus- DP, Modbus- RTU

The Hesse-based power generating company MAINGAU Energie has around a hundred years of company history behind it. The company originally came into being from an association of gas suppliers from various communities. Today, MAINGAU Energie offers electricity as well as gas. As a lean company, it has developed successfully from a regional supplier to a national provider of natural gas and electricity.


On 01.10.2007, MAINGAU Energie GmbH (MEG) converted the gas supply contract from a daily to an hourly peak contract. This brought new challenges to the technical and sales departments.
From then on the gas supply had to be monitored and forecasted continuously. In this way, prompt action could prevent the gas peak from being exceeded. To meet the preconditions for continuous monitoring and the corresponding teleswitching, a telecontrol and process control system was designed by SAE.
The MEG Jügesheim substation has had since its commissioning in November 2007 two connection pipelines from upstream system operators such as WINGAS (now GASCADE) and E-ON Ruhrgas (now Open Grid Europe) as well as an emergency feed-in plant and customer plants. Approximately 400 measured values of heating data, regulation data, gas chromatographs and odorising plants are collected here. MEG can procure and forward natural gas from both suppliers simultaneously in a quantity- and pressure-controlled manner using RMG Protronic regulation. To do this, schedules” are set up in the control system. The necessary data are supplied by an SAE telecontrol station, which is connected to the Protronic regulator via Modbus RTU.
To monitor and forecast the gas supply of the total of 17 network regulator stations, SAE telecontrol systems were used, which obtain their data partly from RBG regulators and SIMATIC S7 controllers and transmit them by means of dial-up modem, DSL modem and dedicated cable routes to the control centre LAN.
For evaluations, logging, process image displays, remote alerts and gas forecasts, the tried-and-tested ProCoS SCADA control system was used.
MAINGAU Energie chose us then because we had offered a solution with sophisticated technology that could be configured simply; just as impressive was the integration of SIMATIC S7 controllers and Protronic regulators taking into account different transmission types based on IEC protocols.