84453 Mühldorf


From 2003 to the present


FW-40, FW-5, FW-5-GATE


IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-103

Municipal power networks Inn-Salzach, formerly the Mühldorf a. Inn public utility, has been reliably providing public services for the population of Mühldorf for over 100 years now. In 2003, comprehensive modernisation of the telecontrol equipment, with a new distribution management system primarily for water and electricity, was put out to tender.


Following the tender process with technical testing, the decision was made in favour of a complete SAE system. After the control centre, by means of a redundant ProCoS central control station, many net-line FW-40 substations were deployed in the water supply installations, distribution stations and Isen power plant; mostly over WT connections on separate Cu cable sections.

It was important from the very outset to the workers there that all confi guration steps can be performed autonomously in the fi eld as well as from the central control system. Over time, a respectable level of expertise was built up – that become known far across the region. Resulting from this were numerous queries from other suppliers for empirical data and reference visits. Since initial start of operations, the installations have been expanded continually, meaning subsequent work to date has also included protective couplings as per IEC 60870- 5-103, external connections of generator controllers and network analysis systems, integration of ripple control unit, SHDSL section expansions using the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol, terminal server integration in the control centre, etc. It was always their intention to do all of this by themselves.

In 2012, Mühldorf was one of the fi rst suppliers in Bavaria comprehensively realising a technical data connection of customer renewable energy feed-in with a capacity exceeding 100 kW, and having it completed on schedule by the statutory deadline of 30 June 2012. The task was then to create a demand-based solution for their own network region based upon a net-line FW-5 station with GPRS modem. In this job definition too, other network operators aligned themselves to the experience gained from Mühldorf, something that is shared unselfi shly at all times.

About 60 substations, from net-line FW-40s and net-line FW-5s to FW-5-GATEs and net-line FW-50s, have entered service to date. An adjacent supply region is currently connected into the ProCoS central control station for monitoring.