Wassenbergstraße 1, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein


From 2012 to the present


net-line FW-4, net-line FW-5, net-line FW-50, net-line FW-5000


IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104

After our control centre was destroyed in a fire, we had to build it again. As the ProCos system had previously proven successful, the new control centre was planned on this basis.


Owing to the destruction of the old master stations which still operated using the SEAB-1F protocol, most of our substations in the network had to be replaced. These were replaced by 16 net-line FW-50 substations, installed pre-fabricated in Rittal cabinets.

The transmission technology was also updated in the course of this. The VFT-based transmission system was outdated. It was possible to replace it with an SHDSL ring structure. Modems manufactured by ITM were used here.

The technology in the control centre had to be completely changed. In case of future malfunctions, a backup system running in standby parallel to the main system was put into operation. The main system operates with a master station (net-line FW-5000), a server PC and two work stations. A terminal server is also used here.
The backup system operates with a master station (net-line FW-5000), a server and one work station.