Robert-Schumann-Str.1, 09456 Annaberg-Buchholz


From 1996 to the present


FW-1, FW-10, FW-40, FWR-4000, FW-5, FW-50, FW-5000


IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus RTU

When the decision was made in 1996 to set up a new network-monitoring system at Annaberg-Buchholz public utilities, certain demands were made of the capacity of the future monitoring technology.


SAE’s telecontrol technology was particularly convincing. Not only the fact that it was able to meet the specified demands, but also the user-friendliness and the possibility of configuring plants oneself spoke for SAE’s technology.

And so, in 1997, the setup of a telecontrol network for monitoring and controlling the different supply areas of Annaberg-Buchholz public utilities was started.

Initially, the heart of this system was an SAE 2000, which was then replaced by an FWR 4000 during conversion to createIT. Most of the connected stations are linked via our own telecontrol network, which comprises almost 100 km of copper and FO cables. Outlying stations can be reached via switched telephone lines.

Along with the introduction of the SAE series5 came the introduction of setIT. In this connection, an FW50 was temporarily put into operation as a “setIT control centre”, but this will be replaced by an FW 5000 this year. This allows us to operate both configuration programs in parallel and makes it possible to switch over to setIT step by step.

Owing to expansions of the electricity grid in 2012 and of the gas network in 2013, it became necessary to connect stations outside our telecontrol network. In this case we chose the option of GSM transmission.

We use the IEC protocols 60870-5-104, -103 and -101 for transmission. However, Modbus RTU is also used for connecting ComPass B protective equipment.

SAE products have particularly good reliability. In addition to series 4 and 5 systems, which function virtually faultlessly, we also use several FW1 systems, which have run without problems for over ten years.

The flexibility of the telecontrol systems is also of great importance for us, as we can equip all the supply areas with the same telecontrol technology.

In the electricity and gas supply area we monitor 20 gas regulator stations and 40 transformer stations. These include our substation in Annaberg-Buchholz, which is monitored with three telecontrol stations and can be completely teleswitched.

In the generation area we control and monitor CHP plants, a biogas plant, several hydroelectric plants and standby generation plants for managing peak loads. Heat generation for supply our district heating network is monitored by SAE technology.

The provision of tertiary control power in an energy pool is also controlled using SAE systems.

In summary, we can say that Annaberg-Buchholz public utilities have built on SAE telecontrol technology for more than 17 years and will continue to do so thanks to their innovative products. We consider SAE a reliable and experienced partner and hope to continue our pleasant cooperation in the future.