48599 Gronau


From 2009 to the present


FW-5, FW-50, TETRA-1


IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus (RTU or TCP)

In 2009, we started to test the products from SAE for medium voltage stations and were/are very pleased with the setIT configuration tool. Service, the support hotline in particular, also fully meets our expectations. The good price/performance ratio means SAE has become our supplier of choice for telecontrol equipment.


We now operate about 110 telecontrol systems, including mainly the net-line FW-5 but also the net-line FW-50. About 40 of these units are installed for renewable energy feed-in management for installations with capacities exceeding 100 kW. Another 45 systems are installed in the medium voltage stations for monitoring and control of transformer stations and distribution stations.

In the water works, we run about 20 telecontrol systems for monitoring water delivery in our discharging wells. The other systems are fi tted in the GDRM high and medium pressure stations; everywhere SAE components perform their tasks to our utmost satisfaction. It is for this reason we will be using SAE telecontrol equipment in the future for the provision of control energy by means of our own CHPs and emergency power generators.

A particular feature in industry comparisons is deployment of a TETRA radio network as the basis for communication. Considering we have our own network available anyway, the decision was to use this network for connecting up the telecontrol equipment – this way we have control over the infrastructure.

The standard IEC 60870-5-101 and 104 protocols are used for communication between the control centre and the telecontrol systems, and between the systems themselves. Modbus (RTU and TCP) is used to connect lower-level components such as the Compass B short-circuit and earth fault indicator from Horstmann.