72202 Nagold


From 1991 to the present


SAE 2000-D4, FW-10, FWR-40, FW-50, ProCoS


IEC 60870-5-104, 3964R-RK 512, Profibus-DP

Situated on the edge of the Black Forest and in the direct vicinity of the Stuttgart region, Nagold forms a vibrant, dynamic centre in a rural area of around 22,000 inhabitants. The Nagold Waste Water Authority, the purpose of which is to collect the domestic, commercial and industrial waste water and surface water produced in the Authority’s region and to clean it in a communal waste water plant before introducing it into the receiving water course, has been one of our satisfied customers for years and not only praises our technology, but also our capable customer service with contact partners and callback guarantee.


In 1991 we provided the Waste Water Authority with a telecontrol system for testing purposes. The intention was to use it to transmit information and measured values via a 2-wire-line. Because regular checks of the rainwater basins, pump stations and local waste water plants were taking up more and more time, it was decided gradually to set up a telecontrol system. The test went smoothly, so the customer bought the system.
Since then, the Nagold waste water plant has run a telecontrol and process control system supplied by us, which has been updated several times. Approximately 40 remote terminal units ensure that the process operations of the outdoor structures and the biological stages of the Nagold and Haiterbach waste water plants function perfectly. In 2010, 17 substations were converted to GPRS technology, a clear vote for forward-looking transmission technologies.
With the ProCoS process control system, the customer has clear process visualisation in the form of images, protocols and hydrographs, as well as remote alerts to mobile phones and remote access from a standby laptop.
With these continuous investments, the Waste Water Authority laid the foundation stone for economical and safe operation of its plants early on. The Nagold waste water plant is currently designed for 55,000 inhabitants.

We were there from the start, and expansion will continue in the next few years.