IEC 60870-5-104

The water supply of the Kreiswerke Olpe supplies the vast majority (around 73% of the inhabitants and the industry) of the Olpe district with drinking water. Three treatment plants, around 200 km of drinking water transport lines, pumping stations and storage facilities with a total useful content of around 36,700 m³ ensure that the population is supplied with safe drinking water.


Infrastructure in district Olpe

99.9% of the drinking water is supplied by Kreiswerke Olpe to “redistributors”, such as municipal utilities, municipal waterworks and voluntary water supply associations. The remaining 12,000 m³/year go to farmhouses and stand-alone residential buildings, which are difficult to reach by the infrastructures of the redistributors and are located in the vicinity of the transport lines of the Kreiswerke Olpe.

Old acquaintance

In the aforementioned infrastructures, the telecontrol system from SAE has been doing its job reliably since 1996. It was also this reliability that led the Kreiswerke to stay with SAE technology for the modernisation update and to bring it up to the latest state of the art. A particular advantage in this context was that the latest device generation also enables the further use of existing input and output modules (from old SAE stations). This allowed savings in three areas:

  1. In the hardware area due to the reduced replenishment demand
  2. For the services due to the minimised cabling effort
  3. And along with that, of course, time too

Project scope

A total of four master stations were exchanged at three locations and 56 substations. Some pumping stations and high tanks store complicated control functionalities, which were realized by codeIT applications. The substations are connected in large part via their own cables of the county utility organisation and SHDSL distances with the redundantly constructed master systems. They communicate via the IEC protocol 60870-5-104 with the ProCoS control system from KISTERS, which was also updated to the latest version in the course of the project.

The order to SAE also included the construction of the control cabinets for the redundant master stations and the assembly of all components on site, including commissioning.
The project was completed to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.

“As expected, the project ran smoothly with
SAE – as always!”
Ralf Steinmeier, Kreiswerke Olpe