Sales launch: series5X and setIT V8

This year marks a significant change at SAE: the launch of our latest telecontrol product family, series5x.

In the constant evolution of telecontrol and substation control technology, a chapter is starting that will significantly shape the future viability of our products. The new product generation, series5X, marks a milestone in the process of offering our customers the most modern and powerful solutions. Together with the new version 8 of our proven parameterization software setIT, this product series will expand the existing SAE product portfolio in May of this year. The FW-5-GATE and the variant with integrated LTE modem, the FW-5-GATE-4G, will be the first in the range. The FW-5 with its own I/Os will follow in the course of the year.

This transition brings with it some important changes. Among other things, the end of active sales of the previous FW-5 variants of the series5e on December 31, 2024. But don’t worry, a smooth transition is ensured: For customers who use series5e products, we would like to emphasize that they can continue to be used without any problems. The previous products will remain available for the fulfillment of existing framework agreements and as replacement systems. We offer unrestricted support and service, but the series5e will no longer be functionally developed further.

The FW-5 variants of the series5X have been specifically developed to meet the growing demands of the market. In particular, cybersecurity and cloud connectivity have become increasingly important. In combination with setIT V8, we are setting new milestones and supporting you in making your processes more efficient, resilient and future-proof. For example, by integrating new functions such as MQTT (including Sparkplug), preparing for the future device management system (LXCONNECT)* and additional IT security mechanisms such as “Secure Boot”. The next generation of our products therefore offers a comprehensive solution for the current and future challenges of the industry.

We are convinced that the introduction of the series5X represents a significant improvement in terms of functionality, security and future viability for your applications. The high quality and reliability of our products, coupled with continuous innovation, are central pillars of our corporate philosophy.

Our dedicated teams work continuously to offer you solutions with the highest possible practical relevance. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. The best way to find out more is to contact the right sales representative or our internal sales team.

We look forward to supporting you with the migration to our new product generation.

Security features of the new series5X

  • Thanks to a more modern processor core, the new secure boot function with signed base system, IPSec and TLS encryption as well as certificate exchange via EST, the series5X offers significantly improved security against attacks
  • Integration into our device management system (LXCONNECT)* offers basic system updates, individual updates for station software and configuration including fallback option (A/B system) as well as automatic checks of security-relevant project settings during configuration creation.

straton replaces codeIT

  • The straton Automation programming environment has been fully integrated into the setIT workbench
  • The PLC data model and variable exchange is embedded in the telecontrol unit’s quantity structure
  • The PLC quantity structure is integrated selectively; only the assigned process points are integrated
  • Up to 4000 PLC process points are available
  • The soft PLC process module connection enables direct access to all process points of the subordinate stations

New functions of setIT V8

  • Version 8 of setIT comes with a wide range of new functions and improvements that further increase the efficiency and safety of your parameterization processes:
  • Full compatibility with the latest series5X hardware generation.
    A new tool enables easy comparison of configurations to quickly identify and manage changes.
  • The integration of EST (Enrollment over Secure Transport) facilitates the exchange of certificates for secure communication.
  • OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) support allows certificates to be revoked quickly and efficiently to ensure security.
  • The integration of MQTT (incl. Sparkplug) enables efficient and reliable communication with IoT devices and cloud services.
    The typical editor facilitates the configuration of recurring elements and thus speeds up the parameterization process.
  • Compatibility with the Device Management System (LXCONNECT)* enables easy management of updates and patches as well as efficient management of large device fleets “in the field”.

technical data:

*in preparation