Intelligence in a case

“Top-Down” from high voltage via medium voltage to low voltage at the end customer: In the past, distribution networks were planned and implemented according to the clear direction of load flow. Transformers, lines and protective devices were sized based on the loads to be supplied, typical load profiles, statistical simultaneity factors, as well as a significant safety factor.

The steadily increasing feed-in power from renewable energies, electromobility and the growth in heat pumps are now frequently pushing distribution and low-voltage networks to their limits. Critical operating states and overloads can arise there, as the classic network calculation models and assumptions are based on constant load flows than actually results from the new consumers and generators today. The mobile telecontrol case quickly assists with a temporary low-voltage measurement to help you detect and analyze anomalies. In addition, the mobile telecontrol case provides important information for the planning and validation of construction measures and commissioning.

Advantages of the telecontrol case at a glance

  • Transport equipment safely and easily
  • Simple and fast attachment of the very compact measurement box thanks to flat grip magnets and plug-in connections
  • Up to 3 low-voltage outputs (L1, L2, L3 & N) can be measured
  • The case is pre-parameterized, only few own adjustments necessary
  • Data transmission via LTE, for example via IEC 60870-5-104 to the control center or via MQTT to a cloud
  • Easily identify critical “hotspots” in low-voltage networks in order to permanently retrofit measurement technology there
  • Extensive parameterization and diagnostic options thanks to setIT
  • Archiving of data on SD card possible

Uncomplicated, fast and simple

Virtually all network operators are faced with the challenge of creating transparency in the lower voltage levels without being able to equip all resources with stationary measurement technology. A rollout of stationary LV metering for all stations would usually be neither economically nor organizationally feasible.

One solution is our mobile measuring equipment, with which the most important parameters can be checked quickly and reliably. This not only allows problems with the equipment to be identified at an early stage, but also enables customers’ connection requests for wallboxes, PV systems and heat pumps to be processed more efficiently.

The heart of the mobile solution is the FW-5-GATE-4G telecontrol device with PM-1-R modules for connecting Rogowski coils, for parallel measurement of up to 3 low-voltage feeders. The measured values can be transmitted directly to the control center via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol or to the cloud via MQTT. There they are displayed live. The measurement case thus helps to locate strategically important points in the network where permanent monitoring of the low voltage makes sense. Flat gripping magnets make it particularly easy and quick to attach the measurement box for short-term use.

This basic product can be adapted to the requirements of different applications by specific additions. For example, we can also develop a solution for you that can measure up to 12 low-voltage feeders. In addition to 4G communication technology, a 450 MHz version (CDMA) is also available (LTE 450 is in preparation).