Compact telecontrol technology

To meet the diverse yet increasing requirements in telecontrol, we have developed durable telecontrol systems of the highest quality. We continuously optimise these in close coordination with our customers – the result is top products like our compact bay station controller FW-5. This micro remote terminal unit originates from our series5 product family and is distinguished by high performance, functionality and durability – just like all telecontrol systems from SAE IT-systems.

The FW-5 is the extendible small-scale station of the high-performance series5 product family. The extremely compact bay station controller for top-hat rail mounting comprises all the components that a high-performance telecontrol and automation system needs for monitoring, control, logging and transmission. This makes it a viable solution for requirements in the area of telecontrol or station control and automation technology. The FW-5 is designed to assume the tasks of many different small applications with its own capacity.

Configuration and commissioning the FW-5

In conjunction with the innovative configuration software setIT, the FW-5 sets the standards for intuitive project configuration as well as fast commissioning. A series of further features such as configuration via USB memory stick and SD card.

The numerous application areas of the FW-5

There are very many different possibilities for using the FW-5. The modular extendibility plus tremendous combination options with external components allow flexible use in numerous fields of application. The FW-5 can be extended with up to twelve extension boards to suit your individual requirements. That makes it a bespoke solution for almost any task. The powerful CPU plus high interference immunity make the FW-5 a compact and yet extremely powerful remote terminal unit. The micro remote terminal unit FW-5 is typically be used in the following areas:

  • Field device in transformer substations with protection device coupling
  • Intelligent secondary unit substation including power quality monitoring systems, earth fault and short circuit indicators in the outgoing circuits
  • Control box for direct marketing and control energy
  • Feed-in management in renewable energy plants
  • Intelligent measurement point for wide range regulation in distribution networks
  • Monitoring of media and infrastructure systems in pipelines

Key applications as part of the Renewable Energies Act

Particular emphasis for the use of the FW-5 is placed on applications arising from the regulations of the German Renewable Energies Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG). This includes in particular feed-in management for generating stations according to § 9 EEG 2017, the direct marketing of sustainably generated energy according to § 20 EEG 2017, and as a result congestion management for local network stations.

Ready-to-use complete solutions

If required, the FW-5 can also be purchased as a ready-to-use complete solution. In this case we will assemble individually designed, ready-to-work small systems depending on specifications and function requirements. In addition to the telecontrol unit, these systems generally also include all the other necessary components, for instance an uninterruptible power supply, communication modules, relays, transfer terminals and many more. The components are usually installed in Eaton or Rittal housings.

You can find more information on the technical specifications of the FW-5 in the data sheet of the model.

Technical Data

The FW-5 takes IT security seriously

Like all products of the series5e, the FW-5 stands for high IT security. It enables extensive IT security measures, as required in the current requirement profiles of the BDEW whitepaper and BSI recommendations. From the modern Linux kernel to extended firewall rules with granular activation through to user administration with free role assignment (RBAC): The FW-5 allows an outstandingly high level of IT security.