4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs

The expansion modules of the net-line FW-5 Product range allow a bespoke extension of the capacities of the telecontrol units. Depending on type and constellation, up to 12 expansion modules can be connected to one RTU. The connection is established comfortably and uncomplicated, by a T-Bus-connector, which carries out the communication as well as the power supply for most of the expansion units. By using the TBUS-T and TBUS-R accessories, the expansion modules can also be placed remotely from the basic system. The PWR-1 power supply module can be added for higher power requirements above the possibilities of the basic unit.

The 4DI4DO expansion module allows the quick and uncomplicated addition of 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs to the quantity structure of telecontrol devices of the FW-5 product family.
In addition, it enables the conversion of individual or pulse commands from the central network control center for the specification of power levels into continuous commands. The following modes are available:

  • BBO (break before operation)
  • BAO (break after operation)

If a new power level is specified by the network control center, either a time gap or a time overlap of the existing power levels can be defined.

Technical Data


  • 4 digital inputs (wide range or 110/220 V AC)
  • 4 changeover contacts (monostable or bistable)

Power supply

  • Internal via T-BUS, typical 90 mA (with bistable & 1/n monostable), max. 190 mA
  • typical 20mA max. 45 mA @ 24 V DC supply


  • Plastic with integrated I/O, top-hat rail installation
  • 22.5 x 105 x 115 mm (W x H x D)

Product variants of the 4DI4DO

4DI4DO-1-1 l 4 digital inputs, wide range ±, 4 monostable changeover contact
4DI4DO-1-2 l 4 digital inputs, 110 / 220 V AC/DC, 4 monostable changeover contact
4DI4DO-2-1 l 4 digital inputs, wide range ±, 4 bistable changeover contact
4DI4DO-2-2 l 4 digital inputs, 110 / 220 V AC/DC, 4 bistable changeover contact